KUNG FU 2100 Review
Review By Adam Strock
The Space Gamer #44 (October 1981)

KUNG FU 2100 (SJ Games)
Designed by B. Dennis Sustare.
Bagged, with a 2-page folding rules section, 16" x 9W' map, 114 counters (uncut), 6 record sheets, CRT.
2 players.
Playing time 3/4-1 1/2 hours.
Published 1980.

KUNG FU 2100 is a game about (you guessed it!) Kung Fu combat in the future. One player controls the Terminators, the other, the CloneMaster's forces. The Terminators are a small group of martial artists trying to overthrow the CloneMaster in his complex. The CloneMaster, who has reserved technology and immortality for himself, must kill the intruders before they destroy him, his clone tanks, and his computers. His guards, (the Janissaries, or "Jellies" are renegade Terminators - less skilled than the attackers, but more numerous.

The combat system is original. Anytime a Terminator and a Jelly are adjacent, combat may take place. Each player secretly chooses combat chits (2 for Jellies, 3 for the Terminators). Each chit is played one at a time, the Terminator choosing who plays first. Each chit represents a special tactic, of which there are 4. They are: Iron Fist (punch), Lightning Foot (kick), Body of Mist, and Monkey Soul (which are great for dodging bullets, kicks, and other nasty things). A fifth ability, not a combat tactic, is called Mountain Heart. It allows a figure to absorb extra hits.

The rules are clearly explained and organized, and the color and the art is absolutely great. The counters are colorful and durable. The names of abilities are cute, if a little weird.

Unfortunately, the balance favors the Terminators a little. I recommend that the CloneMaster take 6 regular Jellies and Jellies 11 and 12. The servants and technicians are almost useless, despite what the tactics suggestions say. Also, the fact that you have to cut EVERYTHING apart is less than attractive. The counters are totally uncut, and the rules, map, CRT, and record sheets are all attached together.

Despite its flaws, KUNG FU 2100 is a good game. Kung Fu fighters and aspiring "grasshoppers" will love it. Everyone else will probably like it.


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