Microprose Company Preview
By Shane Mooney
READ.ME Department
Computer Gaming World #137 (December 1995)

Magic: The Gathering Slips While MicroProse Preps Sequels
MicroProse Takes A 'Tried-And-True' Strategy With Several New Titles

MicroProse, the company responsible for such landmark games as CIVILIZATION, MASTER OF MAGIC and X-COM, seems determined to mine the popularity of those titles by producing games in a similar vein. The company is following up the imminent release of CivNET with an announcement of the tentatively entitled CIVILIZATION 2000, set for Spring release. Being shepherded through development by Jeff Bridges, of SID MEIER'S COLONIZATION fame, CIVILIZATION 2000 will feature a new isometric perspective, new level of difficulty, and fully scaleable 640x480 graphics. In addition, there will be seven new wonders of the world, 14 new tribes, and new unit types such as elephants, terrorists and archers.

SimTex, the master magicians who brought us MAsTER OF ORION and MASTER OF MAGIC, are currently working on MASTER OF ANTARES. Building upon the features of the former MAsTER games, MOA sets itself in the dark future where players take on the role of emperors, managing space driven colonies in war, treaties and galactic expansion. In addition to battling it out with 13 different alien races, garners will have the option of competing against up to eight human players over a LAN.

SimTex is also working on the tentatively titled SUPER HEROES, a game with the look and feel of X-COM. Set in the bleak future, you must pit your band of mutants against the gangs, drug lords and organized crime that ordinary government forces are unable to keep in check. Lead your team through various missions until you reach the final showdown against the diabolical Dr. Demonicus Armageddon.

MicroProse also announced the purchase of a significant interest in ABC Sports, which means we can look forward to a possible ULTIMATE MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL for the '96 football season. Expect to see it by fall of '96, along with a host of titles under the Wide World Of Sports banner.

So what's MicroProse doing with their most-coveted license, MAGIC: THE GATHERING? Would you believe making a screensaver? Yes, while they are refitting MTG for Windows 95, they are working on a project entitled MAGIC: THE GATHERING DESKTOP ILLUSIONS. Whether ILLUSIONS can keep garners spellbound while they wait for the actual MTG game is certainly open to speculation.