Conflict 2500 Review
Developed by Avalon Hill
Review By Jon Mishcon
The Space Gamer #45 (November 1981)

CONFLICT 2500 (Avalon Hill)
Cassette for the Atari 800 32K, the Apple II 16K, the PET 16K, and the TRS-80 Model I Level II 16K.
One player
Playing time 15 minutes to two hours.
Cannot be saved.
Published 1980.

The berserkers are coming. They move invisibly, and each enemy ship is tough indeed. Your gallant band of warships, supported by a network of planetary and free bases, must seek out and destroy the invaders. There is both an operational phase, as one maneuvers on the quadrant map to discover the dastards; then there is a tactical phase as one aims the hyperfighter's energy cannon or sets a spacemine.

The combination of operational and tactical play is most appealing to me. The graphic representation, though not overwhelming, is quite good. The program allows the novice to set up very small scenarios and build up to megagames. Further, the more experienced player can "tilt at windmills" by setting the odds against himself. Although in basic, the program runs briskly.

The only negatives I might mention are the error corrections required (from the enclosed errata sheet) and the fact that the tactical display really doesn't give one the feeling of hyperlight pursuit. There is no sound.

Not great, but easily worth the fifteen bucks.


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