The Count Review
Developed by Adventure International
Review By Bruce Campbell
The Space Gamer #45 (November 1981)

THE COUNT (Adventure International)
Program by Scott Adams for the TRS80, Apple II, PET, and Atari.
One or more players.
Playing time varies.
Published 1980.

Scott Adams is the recognized master of computer adventures. Currently ten programs in his adventure series are on the market; THE COUNT is adventure number five. In this adventure you wake up in a brass bed in Transylvania. Using one-and two-word commands to your computer (Get Up, Light Torch, etc.), you must find Count Dracula and kill him before he destroys you.

This is not a hack 'em up and grab the gold adventure. It is a puzzle that will require many hours to solve. Can you use the tent stake to kill Dracula and how can you keep him from stealing it? How do you use the dumbwaiter? What should you do with the garlic? How can you get into the oven and do you even need to get in it?

Adam's programs make you a character in an adventure book, not in an adventure movie. Do not expect sound or graphics.

Unless you are easily frustrated, I highly recommend this program.


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