Software by Jeff Morris
Virtual Reality PDF Viewer

StockroomVR allows you to interact with pdf collections on windows PCs with SteamVR compatible virtual reality hardware. It requires touch. This software comes with no PDFs.

There is a file called root.txt in the ..\\StockroomVR_Data\ folder. Enter the path of your PDF collection and save the text file. Remember to include the trailing backslash!

When you launch StockroomVR, the application needs to create thumbnails for all PDFs to maintain performance in VR. It's NOT recommended you wear the HMD during pre-processing since the file I/O will cause severe stuttering. You can launch into VR prior to it completing by hitting ENTER, though it's recommended you allow it to complete. ESCAPE will quit the pre-processing.

Once pre-processing is complete, you'll load into StockroomVR's PDF Viewer. Press on the touchpad to extend the pointer, release the touchpad when pointing at your destination to teleport. Grip buttons to grab/drop a PDF. Tap on the left/right edges of the touchpad to go back and forward through the pages.

Translucent cubes are sub-directories off the root you added to the text file. Press and hold touchpad to extend pointer from controller, and touch any part of the cube to open that directory in StockroomVR.

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